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We are willing to consider requests from researchers in relevant fields, to ask for participants and respondents. Please contact us. 

14/9/21 – Informal Disclosure Experiences re: sexual violence – interviewee appeal

I’m a victim-survivor conducting interviews with other victim-survivors of sexual violence in relation to their informal disclosure experience (i.e. to friends, family and partners). As I’m  sure you’re probably aware, the current research with Muslim victim-survivors is very limited, particularly in this specific field; something I am trying to address in my research. I am contacting you to ask if you would be willing to share the details of  the study (which I would send over) on your social media platforms or with your service users so that victim-survivors could contact me if they wish to participate.
The study is fully funded by the ESRC, and has full ethical approval (I can send this over if necessary), and also has Home Office endorsement in that I will be presenting the findings to  policy makers upon completion. I will also be creating resources for educational initiatives and support services, thus providing the opportunity for meaningful change to be created, informed by the interests of victim-survivors.
Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you
Best Wishes
Jade Bloomfield-Utting
Doctoral Candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant
Department of Social and Policy Sciences
University of Bath
3 East 4.11
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