Links: Marriage, Divorce and Domestic Violence (DV)

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Also, a reminder that ”Coercive Control” (is included in DV/DA law which came into effect in 2015 and is criminal behaviour). Domestic abuse is against the law. In addition, if you feel you are being psychologically manipulated by your partner to the point that you doubt yourself, this is known as ”gaslighting” and is also illegal: see this




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INFORMATION: If you have received a civil divorce and your husband is refusing to grant you an Islamic divorce, many Islamic centres/Shari’ah bodies will grant you the Islamic divorce. Fees vary, ‘shop’ around; find out what you are paying for. [SEE NEWS FOR LATEST COURT JUDGEMENT ON THIS ISSUE]

MARRIAGE: Civil marriage or Nikkah; or both? Be informed of the dangers of being only a ”cohabiting couple” here On the other hand, you may have other issues in mind such as not wanting to risk the consequences of marriage breakdown with civil marriage; wanting to make your relationship legal in God’s eyes before the commitment of civil marriage. Research thoroughly.


How to avoid marrying the wrong person

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