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NHS Addictions – Getting Help
Better ways to deal with stress from the positivity blog
 Addiction Group – resources for recovery (US) New resources:

Ethyl Alcohol-related hospital admissions and deaths:

EATA cares for and supports both individuals and the families of those suffering from addiction and offer signposting for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. They operate a free advice helpline and website called ‘EATA – Recovery Services’
Recall Report is an online resource (US) with information on addiction and mental health. We feature information for specific demographics, including men, women, seniors, children/teens, students, veterans, homeless and more. Our support resources and educational materials span important topics/pages, including addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse, depression/anxiety, recovery and rehabilitation., is a group of professionals who are passionate about helping those struggling with alcoholism; information pages for symptoms and recovery strategies
A-Z Guide to Alcohol Addiction and Depression
 Alcohol Rehab Help (A US information resource)
 Drug and Alcohol Rehab (UK). Webinar also on 29/8/21. Helpline is free, offered treatments may involve charges and other options available through NHS.