Testimonials From Callers


 From a brother….

“I’d been encouraged by a friend to ring the Muslim Community Helpline for many years but had hesitated to do so for a variety of reasons. Various secular services I’d tried previously had proven to be woefully inadequate and those from the Muslim community were worse, with a lack of understanding, empathy, tolerance and professionalism.

I reluctantly plucked up the courage to ring the helpline a couple of years ago. I was extremely nervous. But, from the moment go, I was put at ease and made to feel welcome.

The support worker who picked up the phone, a lady by the name of ”I”, was an exceptional listener. She gave me the time and space to explain my issues in detail.

I was not made to feel like a ‘number’ or part of tick-boxing exercise, as is usually the case with other organisations in the mental health space. For instance, I was not hurried or pressured to get off the line for the next caller.

My Telephone Counsellor,  ”I”, was not judgmental at all and demonstrated a remarkable degree of empathy for my predicaments. When she worked with me to dive deeper into my issues, she did so with sensitivity. When she spoke, she did so with wisdom.

Mental health services should be judged on the efficacy of their interventions, qualitatively, rather than how many people pass through their doors, quantitatively, and, when it comes to my experience, and those of other people I know who’ve been supported by the Muslim Community Helpline, the results have been nothing short of exceptional.

When I started calling the MCH a couple of years ago, I was a beaten and broken person, on the receiving end of relentless daily criticism and emotional abuse from two family members who’d made me suffer for decades and totally destroyed my self-worth. Now, I have finally managed to break free from their grip on me.

I feel in control of my life for the first time.

I feel better than at any point in my entire adult life.

I feel that I have a bright future to look forward to.

That is the effectiveness of the Muslim Community Helpline.”