Research Requests

RECEIVED ON 09/04/18: updated on 10/5/18

Dear Muslim Community Helpline,


I’m writing on behalf of NatCen Social Research regarding a new project to explore victims’ experiences of hate crime. We’re contacting you to ask for your help to identify people who might be interested in participating in a research interview.


NatCen is carrying out this work for Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, Fire & Rescue Services. The study aims to enhance understanding of victims’ experiences of hate crimes, including motivations and barriers to reporting them, in order to recommend improvements to the way police forces deal with these crimes in future.


We’d like to talk to anyone who has experienced or reported any kind of hate crime or hate-related incident from January 2017 in one of six areas in the UK, and would be grateful if you have any local contacts within them:



If you would be in a position to pass on information about the study to individuals who would be eligible to take part, please let me know first. I’d like to arrange a brief telephone conversation with you to discuss our process and next steps.


We would also be grateful for any recommendations you may have of other relevant support organisations for us to contact.


If you would like to suggest an alternative contact from your organisation for us to speak to about this research, please let us know.


Thanks in advance for your help with this important research.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Best regards,




Sarah Edwards
Research Assistant
NatCen – Social Research that works for society

Tel:     0207 549 7035
Ext:     7035 Hate Crime experiences – Participant information sheet