Links – Marriage, Divorce and Domestic Violence (DV)

 IMG_20150812_104139 2-in-2-1 Marriage guidance generic from MARRIAGE MATTERS
 IMG_20150812_104139 ARE YOU THE HUSBAND THAT ALLAH DESCRIBES? Shaikh Nouman Ali Khan
 IMG_20150812_104139 FILM (Generic) Domestic Violence explored
 IMG_20150812_104139 Understanding DV arising from substance abuse
 IMG_20150812_104139 THE HAVENS – surviving DV and Sexual Abuse
 IMG_20150812_104139 MANKIND – for male victims of relationship abuse
 IMG_20150812_104139  A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Your Child Alive and Safe – 14 useful tips
 IMG_20150812_104139  DV – A Survivor’s Perspective