Our Aims


. Support and empower callers in their emotional, psychological and spiritual growth assisted through connections with other orgs (muslim and non Muslim) 
. Use of holistic approaches – caller focused using a wide range of services to facilitate all possible options
. Foster and strengthen good communication within families through referrals to mediators, therapists, parent specialists
. Challenge the negative effects of  silence and shame around ‘taboo ‘issues and promote cultural understanding
. Work in partnership with all Muslim and non-Muslim orgs to bring about better services for Muslims who feel isolated from the mainstream
. Look at incorporating pre-marriage contracts and pre-marriage counselling so that marriages have a better start. 
. Working towards better services within Shariah councils to deal effectively and sensitively with those seeking a divorce
Male caller addicted to pornography
“I need help. I have an addition and can’t seem to stop.  I’m going to lose my wife and children if I carry on. Who can I talk to and what sort of help is available. I can’t go to my imam or the mosque, I know I’ll be judged and I feel so ashamed to tell anyone”